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Terms of Use (also Terms of service and terms and conditions) are the rules set by Writer Help UK. Every user when hiring our writers, using our services, or ordering paper writing tasks to Writer Help UK agrees to abide by the Terms of Use of the Company. It is highly recommended to go through the terms before hiring the writer or placing an order. For the ease, the document has been sub-divided into the sections according to their category.


Writer Help UK provides a platform for students where they can hire a tutor to help him/her out of the academic dilemma. In this regard, we offer from researching to writing, editing, to rewriting, proofreading to formatting and drafting services to students, professionals, researchers, educationists, and websites owner.  When a student places an order, it is assigned according to the expertise of the writer to gain the expected result. Thus, Writer Help UK pays attention to meeting the marking criteria of the requisite paper and gives the assurance for no grade. Our service mainly aims to give a reference paper to students on the basis of student’s instructions. The company takes no responsibility of any consequences caused due to submission of the paper to any college or university. Therefore, no legal claim can be brought about Writer Help UK.


The Services offered by Writer Help UK can be accessed and availed by students above the age of 18. By agreeing the Terms of Use, you confirm that you meet this criteria and old enough to establish a legal binding with the company. You also confirm that all the information provided in the Registration Form is accurate and not falsified. If Writer Help UK finds any profile or user violating this very clause of the Terms of Use, we possess every legal right to terminate or delete the account without notifying the student. 


By ordering at Writer Help UK, you authorize the company to carry out any activity required for the verification of the payment. This may include requesting for additional document to ensure that users’ consent is involved in the making of the payment. Verification process is applicable but not limited to first users. Once you’re verified, you won’t be asked to verify yourself again unless there is a suspicious activity in your account. Bear this in mind that failure to verify the payment may result in either cancellation or delay in the order delivery. The company holds no liability caused due to delay or cancellation of the order.


To process the order, it is a must to register on our website. The user is bound to use a valid email ID to register the account, because we will be corresponding to the student through the same email regarding any issue related to the paper. During writing a paper, at many occasions, the writer needs to get student’s confirmation to avoid any mistake or misunderstanding about instructions. The company is not responsible for any delay in the paper completion or delivery due to invalid email ID. For completing the paper, the writer has the right to use any source he finds suitable and apt for the paper. Student cannot object or ask to change the sources after delivery. If student wants specific source, he/she must mention in the order details. Any additional instructions or files must be sent within 24 to 48 hours depending on the deadline of the paper. Once the paper is started, no instruction or file will be accepted.


The company will not begin any paper until or unless the payment is received for that order. Moreover, any order which is not paid will not be considered as an order.


Company is not responsible if student gives wrong instruction by mistake. In the case, student will have to pay additional amount to compensate the additional order.


Writer Help UK is keen to offer multiple paper standards. Basing on the standard chosen by you at the time of order, the writer with apt qualification and experience is assigned on your writing task. The company holds no responsibility if you don’t find the quality of the work up to the mark or according to your level. However, you can furnish the writer with any specific criteria that can be chased to meet your quality level.


Every order is dispatched through email on the exact deadline demonstrated on the order form. However, it is possible that few orders can be late due to incomplete details from the students, correspondence between writer and the students leading delay in the completion of the paper, and new requirements are added by the student, which required more time than shown on the panel. Moreover, orders made in the weekend on urgent deadline will be delivered on weekdays. Students agree to wait until then.  


Once the order is delivered, this is student’s responsibility to review the document within a day or two and make the review request on the basis of his initial requirements. Any review request that is on account of lacking in the paper by the writer will be made free of cost. However, if any review request that entails new instructions will be taken into account as a new order.


Every refund should be settled on the basis of Writer Help UK’s refund policy. Students must communicate to the staff through any medium such as Live Chat, email, phone, or discussion board for the refund claims and settlement. In the cases, in which refund is requested due to bad quality of the paper, the student is bound to provide concrete reasons with the proof. After the provision of proof, the concerned department will first evaluate and determine whether or not the claim is valid. If refund is claimed due to missing the deadline, the student can claim the refund of the deadline difference amount. In this case, the student will have the paper as his intellectual property but he will receive the deadline difference amount as a refund. In the cases, in which full refund is claimed, the student understands that he will have no intellectual rights of the paper. In this scenario, the company has the full right to re-use or resell or publish the paper for the marketing purpose.
If chargeback is filed without communicating or corresponding with the company’s staff, the client will be blocked and his every paper will be published on the internet or resold.


The company shall possess all rights to cancel or terminate the order if we find the order form filled wrongly. Such as, student orders 10 pages but asks for paper work more than that, or he asks for a software to use in the paper, but no software is ordered.


The student agrees that Writer Help UK doesn’t guarantee any grade and takes no responsibility for that. We put our 100% effort to produce a high quality and up-to-the-mark paper, but if your tutor fails you for another reasons not mentioned in the order. Therefore, students are highly recommended to read through the paper carefully and make the changes as they feel right and do not use the paper as a final document. For more details, see Guarantees.


Every paper written by the writers of Writer Help UK is the intellectual property of the company. The company holds the right to sell the paper to anyone who pays for it. Once students pay for the paper, the intellectual property rights are transferred to them. 


Provided service by Writer Help are solely for reference purpose only& are not intended to forward as finalized work& are to be used strictly for assistance purpose in research writing your own research material.

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