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When you use Writer Help UK, you put your trust on us for your personal information and other data. This Privacy Policy document aims at elaborating what information we collect, why we collect this information and how we use it. This is extremely important whether you are a privacy geek or not, you must find some time and read through our Privacy Policy.


To enhance your web experience, we collect some personally non-identifiable information of yours, including IP address, the browser, operating system, search engine, and time of visit of our website. We also collect some personally identifiable information, particularly demanded at the time when you sign up and fill out the  order form such as your first and last name, email ID, country, phone number, and your order details. We collect no data concerning your credit card or PayPal because when you select a payment mode, at the time of checkout you are redirected to reliable payment gateways. These payment gateways are rented from a third party. Writer Help UK doesn’t take responsibility or give any guarantee about the data collection on using the services by the third party. 


Whenever you visit the website of Writer Help UK, we leave a small file called COOKIES in your system. Cookies is a technological means used to collect as well as store information with respect to your browsing patterns and visiting history. When you visit our website, you accept the cookies, which are essential to have an enhanced web user experience.


Personal and non personal data collected by Writer Help UK aims to enhance and improve the user experience on the website and for overall service. We use your name and email ID for your personal identification whereas your phone number is mainly used for communication and correspondence purpose. We also use your email ID and phone number for sending you marketing and promotion materials. The marketing materials can be sent by our affiliated companies, partner companies or directly by us. The information is never sold, leaked, or publicised anywhere.  Besides the stated reasons, Writer Help UK will never collect or disclose the personal information no matter what.


To avoid felony with regard to fraudulent and bogus claims, Writer Help UK demands its first and new users, but not limited to, cater a particular code given in the transaction receipt as a means to verify their validity and authenticity of the transaction. Bear this in mind that Writer Help UK won’t ever ask you for your Password or Credit Card details. We’re keen to do a fair business and for that purpose, we stipulate the users to share the code (that code is particularly sent to the user from the Writer Help UK) so as to prove the access to private things. The code is deemed to be private and shouldn’t be shared with anyone. Since every order has a different code, therefore, once you provide the code, the code is saved in the system and your status is marked as green.


Data security is the foremost deed of Writer Help UK and the utmost desire of the company to maintain the trust of its users and customers through providing a secure system. At Writer Help UK, we ensure the security of the confidential and private information through SSL software. SSL is a standard security software technology, which is chiefly made use of to ensure the encryption link between the server and the browser. While using our website or shopping on our website, you can be sure that your personal data is secure by a reliable technology. Besides, no personal information of yours is ever accessed, utilised, exposed to, or publicised by unauthorised individuals. However, in the case, where third party is involved, the guarantee and assurance of the data security come from the third party because these third parties are leading service providers and reliable in terms of data security. In case of utilisation of your information for the reason not mentioned here, we will notify you beforehand and will use them after seeking your permission.


Can I control or choose what data to share? Yes, you’ve all the rights to control and determine what data or information to share with the Writer Help UK. Writer Help UK is a perfect platform where privacy is respected and space is given according to your choice. If you don’t aspire to share your personal information, you will never be asked for that. More so, to further exercise your right, you can also choose whether cookies should be stored in browser system or not.


The website of Writer Help UK is not designed for individuals under the age of 18, nor is  our service for under-aged individuals Therefore, if anyone under the age of 18 is committed to visit and use our service; it is a must for him to bring the consent or permission in black and white from his or her guardian. More so, the data collection policy for children will remain as that of adults.


Writer Help UK occasionally updates its Privacy Policy document. Users are highly recommended to stay updated about the new policies coming to the way and becoming part of the policy to avoid any inconvenience with regard to data collection and data disclosure.

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