Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have got questions regarding Writer Help UK, services, order procedure, payment methods, reviews, refund, and delivery. So, now you have one single place to find the answers of your questions.


2. Do you have an office or physical location in UK?

No, we have no office for visitors or physical location in the UK. We have been operating online and providing virtual service with the help of a network of team of writers.

3. How can we contact you? Do you have any number?

You can reach us either through email, live chat or phone. Our phone number is provided on the website.


1. What services do you offer?

Writer Help UK proffers a wide range of researching, writing, editing, re-writing, copy writing, proofreading, formatting, and drafting services. Our services are not limited to a particular group. Instead, we offer our professional writing services to students, researchers, professionals, businesses, websites owners, and tutors.

2. How do you provide the service? Is it online or can we visit your office as well?

As stated earlier, Writer Help UK is a dedicated online writing service provider, where you can hire writers according to your field and requirements, there is no office to visit. You can connect with us through online medium to inquire and place your order.


1. What is the process of ordering the paper?

It is a simple five steps process:

STEP 1:     Get your requirements approved by the writers.

STEP 2:     Fill out an online order form and pay for the order to finalize it.

STEP 3:     Our writers work on your paper and send you drafts for preview.

STEP 4:     You provide the remarks on the previewed draft.

STEP 5:     We work on your remarks and finalise the paper for the final delivery.

2. Is it important to get the approval from the writer before placing the order?

In few cases, it becomes necessary to get the paper approved by the writer. Let,s say that your paper is tricky or technical involving some calculation or software work. In this scenario, it is a must that you share the requirements with our writers team and after their approval, you place the order. 

3. How can I get the approval from the writer or writing department?

For getting the approval for the paper requirements, you can send your details either via email or through live chat.

4. What information is required for the paper approval before ordering?

We need the assessment details including your topic, required number of pages, and the deadline to approve your paper.

5. I have placed the order and forgot to provide attachment, what should I do?

If you have placed the order and forgot to provide the attachment, you can send it through email along with the order code in the subject line.

6. I have ordered, but now want to share more details, how should I send it?

If you have ordered and now you want to share more details with the writer, you can simply send the instructions through email or discussion board.

7. After receiving the order, l realized that I need more pages than ordered one, what should I do?

After receiving the order, if you want to add more pages or more details, you can simply place additional order through Student panel. Before placing the order, you can notify the staff through email and ask for the confirmation if the writer is available to work on your additional order.

8.I have received my order but now I want to order more pages in the same order, what should I do?

If you have received the ordered and you realize to add up more pages, you can simply hit the UPDATE ORDER FORM button and fill up the form according to the new requirements.


1. Do I have to pay upfront?

Orders with the amount lesser than 200 GBP have to be paid up front.  Other orders with amount higher than 200 GBP can be paid in installments.

2. Can I pay in installment? If yes, what is the process of availing installments facility?

See Point 1 of the section Payment& Installment. If you qualify the above criteria, then you can surely avail installment facility. To avail the installment facility, you have got to contact us. Depending on your amount, we will determine the number of installments and will issue an installment code.

3. I want to place additional order for an already ordered paper, what is the process for paying for the extra order?

There are two possibilities; either you fill out the additional order form and checkout or we issue you a payment link to pay through that.

4. What are the payment methods at Writer Help UK?

We accept only online payment modes. In this regard, we accept payments through PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, e-Check, Visa Card, and Master Card.

5. Is your system secure and free from any threat?

Our system is secure from any type of threat or attack to your system.

6. I paid twice mistakenly, what should I do?

You can just notify out staff through email, live chat, or phone along with your order code and proof of the extra payment made mistakenly. Our staff will keep a track of the payment and will refund you on the spot.

7. I paid wrong amount, will the order still be processed?

If on account of any error caused due to development error on the website causing to show wrong price on the order form, the order will not be entertained and will be cancelled upon knowing about it.


1. I want to cancel the order, is it possible to receive the full amount?

If you order your paper on 8 to 30 days deadline and you want to cancel your order within 24 to 48 hours after ordering your paper, we will refund you the full amount without any deduction.  If you have ordered an urgent paper say on 24 hours or so, the cancellation should take place within an hour.If the order is processed and paper is requested to be cancelled a few hours prior to the deadline, the request will be turned down.

2. What is the order cancellation process at Writer Help UK?

To cancel your order, you must adhere to and comply with the criteria set forth in the previous points. If you qualify the criteria, you can submit your order cancellation request through email or live chat support.

3. Can Writer Help UK cancel my order due to any reason? Why do you cancel an order?

Yes, Writer Help UK possesses every lawful right to cancel the order without notifying the customer. The cancellation can be on account of paying wrong amount, placing wrong order, inability of the writer to do the paper and inability of the writer to do the paper within the given timeline.

4. Will I be notified of the cancellation?

By all means, we notify the customers about the cancellation through email.

5. After placing the order, I am told by my university that paper is no more needed, can I cancel the order?

See Point 1 of Order Cancellation.


1. I am new to your service, is there any first order discount?

Yes, we offer seasonal discount for our first customer. For discount information, you can visit our website from time to time.

2. Do you offer discount for regular customers?

Yes, we have different discount for different paper standards for our regular customers. For discount information, you can visit our website from time to time.

3. Do you have discount for agents?

Yes, we have different discount offers for agents. For more details, Contact Us.


1. What is paper standard?

Paper standards are different levels of quality reflected in writing style, and maturity in putting thoughts in the content. It is particularly related to your educational level as well. If your educational level is PhD or Masters, you would want a PhD or masters level writer to work on your paper. So, through paper standard, we provide you opportunity to choose your writer according to his qualification and experience.


1. Do you have different prices for different paper?

At Writer Help UK, we offer only custom quote. Every paper comes with a unique price on the basis of its complexity, area of study, required pages and the deadline.

2. How do I know the price of my paper?

You can calculate the price using our Price Calculator.


1. What is the qualification or experience of writer?

We have writers possessing Masters, M. Phil, PhD, and higher degree.

2. Can I choose writer for my order?

Yes, the specialty of our service is that we allow students to choose the writer for their paper. If they are new to our service, then we choose one best writer for them.

3. Can I directly communicate with my writer?

Yes, you can directly communicate with the writer after getting an appointment with him or her through live chat or email.

4. Can I ask for the same writer to work on my new paper? If yes, how can I do that?

Yes, you can choose the same writer to work on your latest paper, for which you just have to mention the order code of previous order in the new order.


1. Will I receive the order on the deadline showing on the panel?

Yes, the orders are delivered on the deadline showing on the student area or the panel.

2. What if the deadline is showing wrong in my account?

You will receive the order on the deadline despite the fact that panel shows the wrong deadline. Bear this in mind that your deadline will be counted from the day you paid for it. 

3. I filled up the form and left in the draft, I paid after few days, which deadline will be considered for my order?

If you fill up the order form and leave it in the draft, and after few days, you pay for the order, the deadline will be counted from the day of payment.


1. How do you deliver the paper?

We deliver the paper through email.

2. Do you send a hard copy or a soft copy?

We send a soft copy in the requested format such as .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .xls.


1. I received my order, but it is not according to my requirements, can I get a review?

If your order is not in accordance with your requirements you can ask for review as many times as you want until the satisfaction.

2. After receiving my order, I realize that I forgot to add few more instructions, will I get free review?

If those instructions cause adding more word count or carrying out more research then we will charge you extra accordingly.

3. I did'nt get my paper on the deadline, will I get a refund?

There request no chance of delay in the paper, however, if in case of delay in the order, we notify you prior to the deadline and refund you the deadline difference amount.

4. I posted review request but I did not request get the review on time, will I get a full refund?

It takes around 24 to 48 business hours depending on the availability of the writer’s as well as the review remarks. Students are updated about this once we receive the review request. 

5. I ordered for First Class paper, but I got 2:2 marks, will I get a full refund?

Well! There is absolutely no chance of getting a lower grade. In rare cases, you don’t get your desired grade. In this scenario, we refund you the paper standard difference amount. 

6. I failed in the paper delivered by you, will I get full refund?

Upon evaluating and assessing the marker remarks, we determine the causes of the failure. Depending on the reasons, we decide to refund either fully or partially.



1. Do you give guarantees? What kind of guarantees do you offer?

Yes, we do offer guarantees. SeeGuarantees

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