How I Perceive Sexuality and Gender Role A Reflective Writing


The way people experience the erotic and express themselves as sexual being is perceived as sexuality. This paper has covered two different yet interconnected and important subjects of human life and society. Since the paper aims to reflect how I personally perceive sexuality and gender role, it needs to be clear thatsexuality in this paper involves the personal experience of arousal and drive towards orgasm. As far as gender role is concerned it means to express personal experience for convention of society about which behavior is appropriate for males and which for females (Crooks& Baur, 2010); moreover, it also refers to the role of social entities such as family, religion, and culture in the gender development of an individual. Thus, paper combines the context of gender roles in which sexuality exists in society.


With regard to gender, human society is complex entity as it possesses not only two different genders but also involves complexity related to gender role in which a great role is played by number of social factors (Masterset al. 1995). Personally I believe that the concept behind gender role involves gender identity, gender differences and gender development. With my experience and study I have understood that family, religion and social cultural aspects have great influence in the determination of the gender role and making perception about sexuality of individual.  


Gender difference is one of the most important parts of human life and it starts with the birth of person (Dwyer, 1988). I have observed that initially after birth a child is importantly identified as either a male or female. This gender difference in human life can be signified as the most important because gender identity remains with the person throughout his life and plays an important role in determining its social status, responsibility and role. Like others I have experienced that both socially and culturally men and women are supposed to be dressed up differently to maintain gender difference. Sexual orientation, pattern of emotional, romantic and sexual orientation to woman and man, is an important element of gender development and gender role. Sexual orientation determines the way sexuality is perceived by a person. 

Thus, gender role has significant impact on the sexual experience of an individual and sexual experience of an individual is determined by the way he perceives gender identity and gender role. Considering the importance of gender role and sexuality in human life this paper aims to discuss sexuality and gender roles using the psychosocial approach.

Gender role can be very helpful sometimes to understand different roles of individual in society. My perception about gender role has always been different as I regarded it distribution of responsibilities between men and women which is the actual purpose of making men and women.

It can further be explained as physical difference between men and women which differentiates them not only in their capacity to do a thing but also in perceiving. A simple example is the conception which can be done by women only. The reason to have such perception is the fact that I am brought up in a society where each gender is respected and responsibilities are equally distributed between them such as it is considered men’s duty to earn money for his family and it is women’s duty to bear his child and comfort him. Thus, I experienced that the way one behaves is also determined by his gender and it is often predetermined by societies and cultures.


Gender identity has significant part in determining the social role of individual and different acts of individuals is depiction of how they perceive the gender. Since gender roles refer to set of social and behavioral norms I believe that they vary from one society to another society but basic norms created for gender role are similar in all societies.  

However, sexuality is distinct from gender yet they share close link. Sexuality in an individual is also considered as important part of different gender roles. Since sexuality is the way a person experience erotic and express themselves as sexual beings traditionally male and female is considered to be sex partners. The sexual orientation of men and women towards each other is the part of the gender role. With the passage of time, changes in sexual orientation have been observed such as gay and lesbians it is important to assess the sexuality of an individual.  

In my childhood I have never understood the difference between a girl and a boy as being a child we are only told that‘you are a girl… you should not behave like that’, or sometimes‘he is a boy… so he can do that’. Besides, there have been particular dresses and names used specifically either by girls or by boys. However, somehow and somewhat I was able to compromise over the things which were above my understanding but the most striking element about gender differences that I experienced in my childhood is the‘distance’ that were constantly ordered and recommended to have between girls and boys by family members.


Personally I perceive sexuality not just an act of sexual intercourse but rather generation of emotions and psychological responses driven by the desire for pleasure. Traditionally  societies determine that male and female as sex partner but I believe that it can be generated between same sexes as well.


In the end it can be concluded that there are differences between males and females and this difference plays an important role in determining the gender-role. Moreover, it is found that sexuality is developed on the basis of physical and psychological differences.

Thus, this discussion is helpful to understand that gender identity and gender role that is determined by the pattern of behavior and traits of individuals is determined by the family and society. In addition, it also signified that people can have different perception about gender role though it is clear that gender role of individual affects the sexuality of a person. Gender identification is important but determining social role based on the gender can cause individuals to deviate. Therefore, society must function to balance the equality in terms of defining gender roles. 


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