Business Case of Scientific Glass, Inc: Inventory Management Situation Analysis

For inventory management  of Scientific Glass, situation analysis is such a method used by managers, which is expected to analyze the internal and external situation faced by the organization. As situation analysis holds various business analysis methods, including 5Cs analysis, SWOT analysis and porter five forces analysis; however, for the organization of Scientific Glass SWOT analysis method is picked, because it would be giving a complete picture of the existing threats, strengths, weakness and opportunities possessed by the organization (Clarke 2005).

SWOT Analysis

In order to serve the strategic planning of Scientific Glass, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats held by the organization are required to be located. The kind of analysis surely serves in locating the issues faced by the organization, by considering them a systematic approach for the new project can be developed appropriately (Dealtry 1992).


The organization of SG appears holding a strong position over international market with covering the regions of East, West, along with having a penetration in European market through Germany. The organization is fast growing with its annual sales of $86 million; therefore, the customers possessed by the company are from various sectors from educational institutions to hospital industry. Additionally, the company presents its 3,000 standardized products, with distributing them into the global glass markets sufficiently. SG does not only manufacture glass products; however, plastic and metal products are also produced by the organization, which presents its wider manufacturing approach with its specific industry (O'Connor 2010).


By locating the weaknesses of SG, which has been threatening its sales growth for the last two years, the inventory issues have been located disturbing its desired position in the existing market. In inventory management system of SG, the issue of order fulfillment within set deadline is the prominent issue affecting the earned trust from its customers. Additionally, the inventory turns of the company are decreased, which seem creating barriers for the organization to grow the usage of its financial resources (Cunha and Putnik 2006). 


The opportunities existing for the organization of SG have been revolving around the sales and revenue growth domains. By understanding its market reputation across the world, the organization can expand its business in regions, such as penetration in Asian regions may give it a great opportunity to increase its sales and naturally the revenue. According to the company’s expansion plan, the second distributor is planned to be added in Asia Pacific and Europe, which opens the doors opportunities for the organization to maintain its sales growth with appropriate distributing strategies.


The most threatening situation for SG is the existence of its competitors of Thermo Fashion Scientific and Ace Glass. Thus, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a broad range of laboratory glassware, which may threaten the product consumption of SG in the expected future of the organization. Moreover, the North American and European markets have relative saturation situation; however, existing growth in the Asia pacific and Latin American markets has been threatening the organization of Scientific Glass abundantly (Association 2011).


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